Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is WikiLeaks Really Threatening National Security?

It's been months since I visited my blog, mostly because I was out on a long and heard earned sabbatical, and in fact just got back last week.

And boy has the world changed in these last few weeks. At least that's what you'll start to beleive if you start reading all the papers and the publications.

In fact, just the other day, the Telegraph published a piece which said that Downing Street believes that WikiLeaks is threatening National Security. Then, there are prominent politicians around the world calling what WikiLeaks is doing a crime. And these are's just nobodys - the list is long and prominent, with folks like Sarah Palin from the U.S. doing so unequivocally.

Then there were these daily news articles calling the latest computer attacks on Visa and Mastercard as cyber-attacks and cyber-war and what have you. I mean what has the world come to. Are there no sane people with sane and rational explanations left?

I believe there are. Yesterday, a colleague at work forwarded a very thoughtful write-up on this whole WikiLeaks incident. It was actually authored by an ex-Microsoft IT security expert, and I believe it just may have provided one of the best explanations of this whole incident.

The article is titled The WikiLeaks Security Incident – A Warning and a Wake-Up Call to Organizations Worldwide. Although the article seems to be a call to action for organizations, it actually provides a refreshingly objective analysis on the whole subject, and if you read it, I think you'll find that most of the blame here lies squarely with a security deficiency within the vast appartus of the U.S. government. By the way, in case the above link does not work for you, the the article is at a website titled simply Identity, Security and Access Blog, which you should be able to locate using your favorite search engine.

This was worth sharing, and perhaps a great way to get back to to blogging, so there you have it.